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Jiffy Bubble Padded Bags

Order Jiffy Bubble padded bags in the here - lightweight, bubble lined, high quality, mailing bags available in a range of sizes, equivalent to Featherpost and Maillite sizes. Jiffy Bubble Padded Bags offer great protection for your items at a competative price !

Royal Mail have size based pricing structures - Letter, Large Letter or Packet the table below shows which category the various Jiffy Bag sizes fit.

 Large Letter (up to 25mm thick / 750g)Packet
 JIFFY LITE Sizes JL000, JL00, JL0, JL1, JL2, JL3 Sizes JL4, JL5, JL6, JL7
 JIFFY MAILMISER Sizes MM000, MM00, MM0, MM1, MM2, MM3 Sizes MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7