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Jiffy Earth Aware Padded Bags added

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Available in pallet quantities to save the environment and you money.

Earth Aware packaging reduces at least 700kg per trailer load for size one DVD mailers and a 44% increase in volume per pallet.

Jiffy Earth Aware Bags are packed to eliminate corrugated card, and feature an inner bubble layer that is laminated to the outer kraft paper and has a PE coating. This gives it the rigidity to enable the bundles to be stacked vertically on a pallet.

“Sustainability is a major driving force in all areas of packaging development and has always been an important part of the Jiffy offering,” said Jiffy Packaging managing director Max Weller. “At the same time, it is imperative that our protective capabilities are not compromised in the seeking of sustainable benefits.”

These offer you a cost saving not only in the cost of the individual Jiffy Bags but also reduce the cost of disposal of the boxes that the AirKraft bags came in.